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Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the Relaxed Collection.

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Make your viewers’ minds drift and empty their minds of worry

You’re creating a slow tempo scene. You want to make time pass by slower for your audience. Relaxing them as what takes place in your scene unfolds.

Let’s say your scene takes place by the edge of a forest at night.

The sky is a dark and clear blue, no clouds in the sky. There’s a slight but cool breeze blowing.

Crickets chirp in the surroundings. You can hear a stream trickle in the background.

You can almost picture yourself there, as you map out all the sounds that you’re going to add to this footage. So that you can bring your audience there with you.

But first you have to get the sounds themselves.

So where do you go?

The easiest place to go is the internet. You type in something like ‘relaxing sounds’ into your search engine. And then see what comes up.

So you might find a couple of sounds, that when you listen to them, you think “that’s relaxing and pleasant”.

But at the same time, it doesn’t exactly fit your scene.

So you have to go back again and search for sounds that will fit your scene. Hopefully you’ll find something that’s more like what you’re looking for.

You find this process very boring and tedious.

You’re not at fault. It’s repetitive and time-consuming. We totally get how you feel.

You just want to focus on making the adjustments your scene needs in the editing studio.

With Soundly, that time spent finding sound effects can be cut out. So that you can focus 100% on editing your scene.

Our software helps over 40.000 sound designers and video editors cut out the tediousness of searching for sound effects online.

And our collections help editors like you find exactly the sound that they’re looking for.

So you want to relax your viewers?

The Relax and Chill Sound Effect Collection is full of soundscapes and ambiences that will make your viewers feel relaxed.

Add birds chirping in the background when your character is taking a stroll through their village on a Sunday morning.

Or add a peaceful sounding drone to the background when your character is lying in bed at night, contemplating.

All you have to do is browse the collection and find what you’re looking for.

Save your time and relax while you edit your scene. Download Soundly today!

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